Is it really best policy? When being honest with yourself, yes. Honesty can be difficult to hear and even more difficult to acknowledge. When faced with the tough truth we may lie to ourselves when in reality if we dealt with the truth we would be better off. Instead of using generic sayings and telling ourselves that we are flawless and perfect we should be honest with ourselves and know we are not flawless -we are not perfect. Everything does not happen for a reason. Sometimes shitty things happen to good people for no reason whatsoever. Maybe that relationship ended because you were too possessive and controlling or perhaps the other party was that way. Be honest with yourself and reflect.

Everyone has faults. Why not be honest and embrace them? The sooner we learn our faults the sooner we can work on them and try to be a better person. I’ve definitely made mistakes and I try to limit them by being honest with myself and working on changing the things I do not like and can actually control. Of course we do not want to be mean to ourselves or put ourselves down but a little honesty will not hurt.

The fucked up part is, we usually are not rewarded for honesty. Quite the opposite actually. This can be true when we consider being honest to ourselves and to others. In regards to ourselves, if we are feeling depressed or upset, it is a societal norm for us to get some “retail therapy” or to get take out food or to get drunk. If we were honest with ourselves, if we sat down and thought about our inner conflict and faced it head on, we would not need the “retail therapy” or other outlets.

Being honest with others can be difficult as well. Sometimes we can feel like we are being punished by others for being honest. If you are on the receiving end of honesty it can be difficult to hear. It is our responsibility to be honest to ourselves and to appreciate someones honesty even if their honest hurts.

Learn from my mistake: Dating can be tough. The older you get the more you learn. A hard lesson I learned was getting upset over a potential significant other’s honesty. It resulted in them not feeling comfortable being as open with me. While they would not openly lie to me they were not as open as they were before and our communication suffered during the time we were developing the relationship. If someone is honest with you, you should appreciate their honesty!

Honesty can also be refreshing. It is wonderful when someone is honest and open. We should all strive to be that way. With that in mind, honesty should also be done with discretion. Sometimes, somethings are better left unsaid. If you think something about someone that could potentially hurt their feelings and there is no need to say it then don’t. Personal attacks are never okay.

If we could all be more honest with ourselves we will be closer to happiness. If we can be honest to others, especially when forming new relationships, we have a better chance of finding people who appreciate us as we truly are!

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