People judge other people and people are going to judge you your entire life. Your family, your friends, acquaintances even complete strangers. There isn’t a single person who can say they never judged another. It is just something we humans do -true story. Hell, you are probably judging my writing before, during and after you read this.

We can never effectively judge another for we do not know the entirety of the other. Yes, we can snap judge someone’s actions or decisions. How effective is that judgment? It may seem wise and profound to the judger and his audience, which only includes himself. To everyone else they are either too busy forming their own judgments or simply not caring.

In reality it does not matter what we think of others and the only thing that matters is what people think of themselves. We should aim for people to be happy and love themselves so they can be their best and in return hopefully make positive contributions to society. Judging someone for not living the lifestyle you chose to lead is futile. We are individual creatures and a lifestyle good for one or a certain few may not be good for the other.

Yes, of course, we take others into consideration and we want our loved ones to see us in a good light. We do not want to do something bad and have someone close to use judge us but in reality the way we judge ourselves is all that really matters. Before you judge yourself and your actions, reflect. Think of what you did, what you did not like about your actions and how you would change the situation if it ever happened again in the future. We can’t go back in time so the situation cannot change but you my friend can positively change due to the situation.

We need to remind ourselves that, “I have my opinions while others have theirs.” There is no definitive proof of an afterlife or anything that happens after death. What I do know is that if you are lucky enough to reach old age and you are able to think and reflect on your life you are the only one who will be judging your actions and that is the only judgment that truly matters.

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