Throughout anthology you will see a variety of categories. Each category deserves its own introduction. Below is a snapshot of the overall theme of each category: Definition: Words are the foundation of how we communicate. Even though most of us within the same geographic region have similar lexicons the meaning of those words can drastically … Continue reading Categories


When we use the word “real” to describe a person, most of the time we are doing damage. In the context of describing someone as “real” meaning they are upfront and open and honest with how they are then the word “real” can be seen as a compliment. Especially because the opposite of real is … Continue reading real


Everyone has their own opinion. You may see something completely different than me or the next person. Our opinions are formed from our previous experiences, how we are raised and societal norms. Societal norms are also largely generated by opinion of the masses. It is easy to have an opinion. It is natural. Sometimes something … Continue reading opinions