Everyone has their own opinion. You may see something completely different than me or the next person. Our opinions are formed from our previous experiences, how we are raised and societal norms. Societal norms are also largely generated by opinion of the masses. It is easy to have an opinion. It is natural. Sometimes something will happen that you have no opinion on or do not care to give an opinion on but in normal day discourse it is safe to say we have opinions on basically everything. How the food tastes. What Becky’s sweater looks like. About Bill’s new relationship with the IT guy. Even if we do not state them aloud they are there.

Some like to voice their opinions more than others. Donna is getting married and mentions she wants to have a small wedding. Greg says larger weddings are better. That is YOUR opinion Greg. Thanks oh so much for sharing but kindly shut up -this is Donna’s deal. If Donna wants a small wedding then let us all let Donna do Donna.

Kevin and his boyfriend Jon are applying to adopt a baby. Donna does not like this and thinks babies should only go to hetero couples. Um, Donna,.. girl… we do not care. If Kevin and Jon are happily coupled and they want to trade in sleeping in on Saturdays and a clean home for waking up to crying and marker on their walls then let us let Kevin and Jon do Kevin and Jon.

There are people who value your opinion. You should appreciate that and take that kind of responsibility very seriously. Even if you do not think that a man should date another man, if your grandchild, child, friend, etc. says he is gay you should keep your opinion to yourself. If you love him then your only want for him should be for him to be happy. By being gay he is being himself, wouldn’t him being himself make him happy? If you are anti gay just know that someone being gay is not hurting you. They may be going against your morals but remember, your morals are yours and not everyone is going to live by them. Unless someone’s lifestyle is threatening their own life, the life of someone else, or taking advantage of the defenseless, let them live.

tl;dr. Everyone is going to have, and is entitled to, their opinion. When it comes down to it the only opinion that really matters is your own opinion of yourself. You have the potential to be a kick ass, awesome person. If you do not think that you are then reflect and figure out how you can reach your potential.

Exception. Of course there are times when you should voice your opinion. These times are usually if someone is in danger or about to put themselves in danger. If your bro Chadd says he wants to chug an entire bottle of Jack Daniels and then streak down a highway you can go ahead and let him know that’s probably not a good idea.

Real Life Story Time. Training interns is and will always be one of the favorite parts of my job. They would come into the office bright eyed and nervous. It was a pleasure to show them the ropes and get them acquainted with the field. One in particular I was very fond of as he was extremely bright, caught on quick and seemed like a genuinely nice person. We will call him Eddy. Eddy was 26 years old and in his post-grad with a few years left. I enjoyed working with him as he genuinely had interest and was eager to learn.

One day Eddy asked me what I thought about him proposing to his girlfriend. I will admit it was adorable and I was happy he was so happy. However, I did not see why they were getting married so young and why they did not wait until he graduated. I gave him my initial congratulations but asked him why now? I told him I thought he was too young especially with such a promising career ahead of him and marriage could wait. I also told him that was my opinion and who the f was I really anyway?

He said he had decided to do it and he wanted to propose. I told him I personally think he is too young and should wait but my opinion should not stop him and if he is happy then that is all that matters. The next week he came into the office and excitedly showed off pictures of him proposing to his girlfriend. I gave him genuine congratulations and I hope everything worked out well for him.


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