When we use the word “real” to describe a person, most of the time we are doing damage. In the context of describing someone as “real” meaning they are upfront and open and honest with how they are then the word “real” can be seen as a compliment. Especially because the opposite of real is fake and it is a compliment to say someone is not fake. All too often we are using the word real in a negatively impactful way. For example: “Real men do not cry or show emotion.” “Real women cook dinner for their man.”

Think of all of the great food we are missing out on if we are spreading the ideology that real men do not cook.


Every time I see one of those click bait articles stating “Real Men do this” and “Real Women do that” I literally want to slap somebody. Realizing that violence does not solve anything this initial urge subsides but the overall disdain for how we are limiting people due to realness is insulting to all of us.

Is it possible to be so caught up in being “real” that we end up being fake? Think about it. If a young kid is told that real men smoke and drink and is then peer pressured into drinking and smoking even though he does not want to he is then doing things that are not of his own mind and therefore fake.

If you want to be “real” then you be yourself, if a world so full of people trying to fit in, so full of people acting a certain way, dare I say, fake, a lot people will not be able to comprehend or understand that being yourself is “real” but you will know and in the end that is all that matters. The people around you will not always be around you and the people who stay around you will be the ones who appreciate the real you.

As far as the “Real this do that” articles, let us acknowledge that someone is out there writing them in order to get attention on their blog or forum in order to get clicks for more advertising money. I have read some of those articles that describe how “real men/women act” and according to that article I am fake. I may be fake to the article but to myself, to my loved ones and to those around me I am 100% real because I am me and that is all I need to be.

Realness in advertising. If I had $1 for every time I picked up a can of 100% Real Juice to see the first ingredient is “from concentrate” followed by an ingredient with 12 syllables I would have like $20. There are certain guidelines for advertisers and apparently the guidelines are a little lax when it comes to describing something as “real.” Check the labels more closely and know that real is not “real” sometimes.

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