Hiya! We humans have awesome processing power. We are constantly taking in information from a variety of outlets. A wealth of knowledge has always been around us and with the advent of the internet that wealth has become greater still.

With so much to chose from what information should we take in? What information should we make sure we remember? What if you could find information that will make your life just a little bit easier? That information is out there! I promise!

I enjoy reading philosophy, phycology, economics, non-fiction and all of those other “difficult” texts. I also happen to enjoy some good ole reality television and pop culture -a 9 hour Netflix marathon anyone? This blog is a mix of all of that. The goal here is to help you to get the benefit of the 500 page “difficult” text in a lighthearted manner that intertwines today’s pop culture.

This is not your mothers philosophy.

featured image credit: Parks & Recs Season 4 Episode 4

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