It sells. It is thrown in our face at every different angle. Advertisements for cars, food, clothes, perfume, basically everything. It is thrown into television programs without having any impact to the story line. Yet, we are not to appreciate our own sexuality.

Women and men are ostracized and exploited for being sexual and having multiple partners. It is embarrassing to buy condoms. Why? Why is it okay for advertising and large corporations to utilize sex as a selling technique, for tv producers and writers to have sex scene every 5 minutes but it is not okay for the woman down the street to get off unless she is married and trying for a baby?

It is okay for advertisers to have sexually indicative advertising towards children but it is not okay for a school to host a sexual education class that teaches an adolescent how to have safe, protected sex.

We as a society need to redefine the way we perceive sex. The advertiser using sex to sell a hamburger is the whore. The writer who puts in a sex scene with no context is a bad writer. The woman and man who are both consenting, have no obligation to another, and are sexually attracted to each other should be able to appreciate each other without fear of persecution. We should be teaching adolescents how to have safe sexual encounters not shaming them for having basic human instinct and sexual attraction to another.

Featured image credit: American Apparel 

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