The days, months and years. Even this conversation. They are the little tiny dots that make up the painting that is your life. When we are born we become artists and as born artists we are given supplies. The canvas, paint or pencils to sketch. We choose if we want to keep painting with the supplies we were given or if we need a different medium. Those born with the finer brushes may not need while those born without work hard to get. Then there are those who are born without and would prefer to not paint while watching those with nicer brushes. It is  important to note that finer tools do not make the artist great. It is what the artist does with the tools they are given that truly matters.

Even though there are obstacles that may stop us we should try to make the best painting possible. I could be cliche here (if I have not been already) and state we should make a masterpiece ready for a museum. However, I do not believe that. Paintings that are in a museum have been accepted and acknowledged by the masses. We do not need to be accepted by the massed. Hell, a lot of artwork that is highly sought after now was not originally accepted. In any case, we are not here to be accepted. We are here to live our best lives. To create the best piece of art we possibly can. A piece of art work we think the world should not live without. While we should be honored if anyone appreciates our painting we should not be discouraged if it seems to go unnoticed. Keep on painting your best piece. Most importantly, for yourself. And who knows, maybe you have an admirer from afar -hehe, me, i totally admire you!

image credit: website

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