Sometimes it is best not to hold them in.

Just like farts we should let our feelings out when the time is appropriate and to the appropriate people. If you are questioning to whom in which to let out a fart then you need to find a new bestie!

Someone else’s fart may smell like death to you while to you yours aren’t that bad. On the opposite end of the spectrum, someone else’s worries may not seem that bad to you while yours seem immense. Realize it is all relative and about perspective.

Farts can be funny and so can feelings. There are certain ones that we need to let out and others we should keep in. We are emotional creatures and we are driven by emotions. Sometimes we need to stop and reflect before reacting. Think to yourself, is this a “during the first date fart” -something that is best kept in or is this a “finally got in my car after the first date fart” -which you should obviously let rip.

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Reflect back on a time when you spent the night over a new love interests house and left the next day to finally be able to fart. Sometimes they just feel so damn good to let out. That is because they are uncomfortable to hold in. Our feelings are quite similar. If we constantly keep them bottled up there are going to be negative consequences.

When holding in farts we will feel the consequences of cramps and bloating, we may possibly hear our stomach rumble. One article said you could even get bad breath! Holding in feelings will have consequences that are not so apparent but are most definitely there. Just like with farts it is important to know when to let feelings out. Maybe to a best friend, maybe in a journal or perhaps to a professional. Just like with most things in life it is all trial and error.

Farts and feelings can be tricky. Sometimes you can’t trust a fart just like sometimes you can’t fully trust your feelings. You may feel a certain way today to feel differently about the same topic tomorrow. When in doubt let your mind have rest. Think about what you are feelings and reflect. It would be a shame to have a momentary feeling ruin something good. Believe me. I know first hand.

*Real life story time* I dated someone who did not want to fart in front of me. When they finally let one rip, oh lord was it nasty. I regretted all of the times I farted in front of them. There was no going back -the gates were open and now I was going to suffer. Then I realized they were comfortable enough to fart in front of me and that was pretty awesome! Moral: sometimes people will open up to you. Appreciate they are comfortable doing so.

Image credit: website

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