The fire did as fires do. It spread quickly. It was angry and was out to destroy. As I stood there in the field I watched as the trees burned. Arms to my sides with palms facing the sky. I raised my forearms -elbows bent. The fire grew taller with my raise. As I stared at … Continue reading darcy


It sells. It is thrown in our face at every different angle. Advertisements for cars, food, clothes, perfume, basically everything. It is thrown into television programs without having any impact to the story line. Yet, we are not to appreciate our own sexuality. Women and men are ostracized and exploited for being sexual and having … Continue reading sex


Man oh man if there were ever a word that I resentfully added to my lexicon. The word “ghosting” used to require definition however it is now a common term in the dating world. For those of you who are late to the party, ghosting is when a person with whom you have been dating … Continue reading ghosting


Throughout anthology you will see a variety of categories. Each category deserves its own introduction. Below is a snapshot of the overall theme of each category: Definition: Words are the foundation of how we communicate. Even though most of us within the same geographic region have similar lexicons the meaning of those words can drastically … Continue reading Categories