It sells. It is thrown in our face at every different angle. Advertisements for cars, food, clothes, perfume, basically everything. It is thrown into television programs without having any impact to the story line. Yet, we are not to appreciate our own sexuality. Women and men are ostracized and exploited for being sexual and having … Continue reading sex


Man oh man if there were ever a word that I resentfully added to my lexicon. The word “ghosting” used to require definition however it is now a common term in the dating world. For those of you who are late to the party, ghosting is when a person with whom you have been dating … Continue reading ghosting


When we use the word “real” to describe a person, most of the time we are doing damage. In the context of describing someone as “real” meaning they are upfront and open and honest with how they are then the word “real” can be seen as a compliment. Especially because the opposite of real is … Continue reading real


Everyone has their own opinion. You may see something completely different than me or the next person. Our opinions are formed from our previous experiences, how we are raised and societal norms. Societal norms are also largely generated by opinion of the masses. It is easy to have an opinion. It is natural. Sometimes something … Continue reading opinions


People judge other people and people are going to judge you your entire life. Your family, your friends, acquaintances even complete strangers. There isn’t a single person who can say they never judged another. It is just something we humans do -true story. Hell, you are probably judging my writing before, during and after you read … Continue reading judgment


Is it really best policy? When being honest with yourself, yes. Honesty can be difficult to hear and even more difficult to acknowledge. When faced with the tough truth we may lie to ourselves when in reality if we dealt with the truth we would be better off. Instead of using generic sayings and telling … Continue reading honesty